Never ever Again with Ruby Physician!

Many people do not understand this. Yet, the diamond doctor scam is genuine. I can claim this from encounter. I desire it was a nightmare. But, I can not eliminate from history or memory the truth as well as fact that I have been ripped off of my tough made financial savings by the firm. I could not also do away with my temper and even irritation every single time I state and remember the betrayal that was Ruby Physician.

I did not actually recognize the deal about the whole Diamond Medical professional lawsuit. I did not envision before that somebody or a lot of their customers would certainly step forward as well as file a claim against the firm most likely things of the business being a fraud might have been expertly covered. Besides, I listen to some truly great ads concerning this big firm which has actually been around for years marketing rubies at small cost. And even they are quite trusted in Dallas.

Was it simply me? Definitely not. There were others that were sufferers of the diamond doctor scam. Therefore like them, I am sending this diamond Doctor Dallas scam alert to everybody and also anybody. They marketed me low-grade rubies greater than its real well worth. Exactly how they did it? They offered me a phony certificate suggesting the diamond I selected and bought was a whole lot above its genuine grade. So, normally I paid thousands greater than just what need to have been its well worth.

I had no suggestion then that I was made a fool. Not till my future husband that had an investigator’s attitude as well as a fondness as well as expertise for precious jewelry scolded me of its genuine rate. She was very shocked when I revealed her the certification and also receipt so she had the engagement ring rock checked by an additional jeweler, her colleague. The jewelry expert was GIA certified to do an examination. My future husband also had no problems with the jewelry expert in her previous ventures. Ends up, her suspicion was right. The diamond was undoubtedly overpriced. I was scammed by Diamond Doctor Dallas.

I desire I could possibly claim or else. However, never ever depend on a company simply due to the fact that they have such sophisticated advertisements and building. Consistently leave space for questions. I called the business so my complaints would end up being official. They claimed they would certainly check out the matter in their exact same professional conduct. They claimed they would return to me instantly. When they did, it was to educate me that they did not dedicate any type of error and that they mean their examination and rates.

I am still believing if I intend to sue the firm or simply let it go. i am simply a small man against a truly big wheel. I actually do not want to suffer through the entire Diamond scam Diamond Doctor did to me. I believe it would just bring longer problem. But, I still feel their is no closure, like there is till axe entrusted to grind. And also if it would certainly reveal the company for their misbehaviors, after that I might merely might. As well as to all the ruby customers available, you could take care of the company at your very own threat. You have been cautioned. diamond doctor scam is real! For more info, visit


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