Never Once more with Diamond Doctor!

Many people do not know this. But, the diamond doctor scam is real. I can state this from experience. I wish it was a headache. Yet, I could not remove from record or memory the reality and even reality that I have been swindled of my difficult gained cost savings by the business. I could not likewise remove my anger and even disappointment every single time I recount and bear in mind the dishonesty that was Ruby Doctor.

I did not truly understand the bargain regarding the whole Ruby Medical professional suit. I did not visualize before that a person or a number of their clients would come forward and also take legal action against the firm possibly things of the company being a rip-off may have been adeptly covered. Besides, I hear some actually good ads concerning this large firm which has been around for several years marketing rubies at small cost. As well as they are very trustworthy in Dallas.

Was it merely me? Certainly not. There were others who were victims of the diamond doctor scam. And so like them, I am sending this diamond Doctor Dallas scam alert to every person and also anybody. They offered me low-grade diamonds greater than its actual worth. Exactly how they did it? They provided me a phony certification suggesting the ruby I picked as well as purchased was a lot more than its real quality. So, normally I paid thousands more than what must have been its worth.

I had no idea then that I was made a fool. Not until my future husband who had an investigator’s frame of mind and also a penchant and proficiency for precious jewelry nagged me of its genuine price. She was very shocked when I revealed her the certificate as well as receipt so she had the involvement ring rock inspected by an additional jeweler, her associate. The jeweler was GIA certified to do an analysis. My fiance additionally had not a problem with the jewelry expert in her previous negotiations. Turns out, her inkling was right. The diamond was undoubtedly overpriced. I was scammed by Diamond Doctor Dallas.

I wish I could claim or else. However, never count on a company simply since they have such innovative ads and also building. Consistently leave area for questions. I called the business so my issues would come to be authorities. They claimed they would certainly look into the matter in their very same specialist conduct. They said they would certainly return to me instantly. When they did, it was to inform me that they did not commit any type of error and that they stand for their evaluation and even rates.

I am still believing if I wish to file a claim against the company or simply let it go. i am just a little guy versus an actually big fish. I truly do not wish to look at the whole Diamond scam Diamond Doctor did to me. I assume it would certainly merely bring even more headache. But, I still feel their is no closure, like there is till axe entrusted to grind. And if it would certainly subject the firm for their wrongdoings, then I might merely might. And even to all the ruby customers available, you can handle the business at your personal threat. You have been advised. diamond doctor scam is genuine! For more info, visit


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