True-False: What You Think About Litigation Financing May Not Be Correct

With Canada litigation funding to back you up, for example, you can pay for to face your offenders and not worry about losing your home and your business because of a lengthy legal process.

Law firm financing has actually become a vital tool in the legal market because of its ability to help sustain a complainant’s lifestyle and pursue a case at the same time.

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For some reason, however, lots of individuals and companies have the wrong concept of litigation financing. Time to bust those misconceptions. More information Canada litigation funding

6 Common Mistaken beliefs about Financing for Law Firms

It’s just offered for specific case types

There’s also the matter of case appetites, which generally vary between funders. What you believe might be an omitted case type may not hold true for lawsuits investors.

A lot of people believes that the majority of the cases that investors back economically are the business in nature and mainly large-scale group actions. The truth is that, if there are monetary damages sought, a litigation funding business would have an interest in the case.

A case needs to satisfy a 1:10 ratio of expenses to damages

Part of due diligence of third-party funding is to determine the viability of law practice funding. The end should justify the means. Some companies, such as litigation Finance Bentham IMF, do not always put a minimum ratio in examining a case as they normally take a holistic technique. Click here Bentham IMF

It’s just offered for multi-million claims

Similar to the misconception about specific case types, it is also not really that lawsuits financing is only applicable to cases where financial damages go by the millions. This might have been the case previously, however, third-party financing is now available in a great range of amounts because the focus is on economic claims rather than big-ticket ones.

There should be no choice for private funding

Contrary to popular belief, lawsuits financing is not kept for customers who can manage to independently pay lawsuits costs. A lot of SME customers would rather reinvest the cash they have than fund their case.

It’s unnecessary for a law firm happy to do 100% DBA or CFA

The response will depend on the appetite and capability of a law office. However thinking about that there are still expenses connected with counsel, court issue, and professional costs, partial financing from a litigation funding company would prove helpful, allowing a law firm to increase the number of cases they can handle and work on a deferred cost basis.

It’s method too pricey

Now that you know the fact, do not be reluctant to contact Bentham IMF and consult them about your case.

Some business, such as litigation Finance Bentham IMF, do not constantly put a minimum ratio in assessing a case as they generally take a holistic approach.

There is no single formula to identify how much third-party funding will cost a customer, funders do not charge the same costly rate. In fact, many law office financing business follows different rates designs, which implies prices differ significantly across third-party fund service providers. Some investor may charge a flat interest rate, while others charge base upon which is higher– a numerous of their committed capital or a percentage of the damages paid.

Contrary to popular belief, litigation financing is not kept for clients who can afford to privately pay lawsuits costs. Not everyone who has the monetary resources would desire to blow it on lawsuits expenses, anyway. A lot of SME customers would rather re-invest the money they have than fund their case. These days, people have the foresight to prevent lawsuits fatigue, where a complainant runs out of money, even if they had plenty in the start. See more at


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