Questions Many Divorcing Spouses Ask

To a lot of people, divorce is an unappealing eventuality that ruins the dreams and aspirations they had while they were tying the knot. In most of the instances, though, going separate ways is a proper means to fix issues that two partners cannot solve. Divorce lawyers Gold Coast has, if you’re in this locality, might not take away all the emotional baggage that comes with divorce. However, they are able to make the process only a little less daunting.

Gold Coast Divorce Lawyers

Caldwell Solicitors are renowned Gold Coast divorce lawyers who is able to smoothly guide divorcing people legally out of a dysfunctional marriage. Having provided family law representation and advice to people within the Gold Coast region for approximately nine years, you are able to rely on these solicitors to make use of a compassionate approach in handling your divorce proceedings.

Of course, divorce lawyers in Gold Coast will usually seek to truly get you the greatest outcome possible. With Caldwell Solicitors, all aspects that may influence your contentment with a divorce settlement are taken into consideration. The matter of children is especially a crucial element when a negotiation for a good settlement is on-going.

Here are some traditional questions that people ask when faced with the prospects for divorce:

I have been married for less than 2 years. May I still make an application for divorce?
Yes, it is possible to. However, you may need to attend mediation sessions along with your spouses so as to achieve reconciliation and save the marriage. If this doesn’t work, you are able to go right ahead and submit an application for divorce.

My spouse threatens to refuse to grant me a divorce. Will this prevent me from legally dissolving the marriage?
No. Your spouse is permitted to file an answer opposing the divorce. This usually implies that the situation should be heard in court but will not necessarily mean that the divorce will likely be denied. You might have to attend for it a little longer, though.

Competent divorce lawyers Gold Coast is offering will give you the necessary legal representation to protect you against the emotional dilemma a trial might entail.

My spouse has seemingly disappeared and I also cannot serve him with all the divorce papers. What next?
This could not stop the court from granting you the divorce. However, you may have to show the court which you have genuinely tried to contact him or her to no avail.

We got married far from Australia. Can we still get legally divorced?
Yes. As long as one or the two of you are citizens or residents of Australia, you don’t have to be concerned about the divorce proceedings. All that you will require is a copy associated with the marriage certificate in English.

Should I be there for court sessions during divorce proceedings?
Not really. However, this might be necessary according to the turns that the legal process is taking. The best divorce lawyers Gold Coast has for your needs will let you know when it is advisable so that you can attend or perhaps.

Do I need to include issues of children, property division and spousal maintenance within my divorce plea?
No. These are aspects usually addressed from the divorce case. Divorce lawyers Gold Coast services might help you’ve got these addressed at the appropriate forum as well.

Caldwell Solicitors are competent, humane and understanding divorce lawyers that one can count on during such stressful periods as divorce. Contact them on 5574-0971 or visit their site on


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