5 Unanticipated Health Problems That Physiotherapy Can Deal with

Many people in Lane Cove and in other parts of Sydney perceive physiotherapy as an ‘alternative treatment’ and often puzzle it with chiropractic treatment or massage. Physiotherapy was traditionally focused on the rehabilitation and repair of the musculoskeletal and circulatory systems. Let’s have an appearance at some of the specific conditions that physiotherapy can deal with.

physiotherapist in Lane cove


Arthritis is a joint condition that triggers inflammation and pain around the joints. There are numerous traditional treatments for the disease, however, clients can find a remedy for the pain through physiotherapy. An expert Lane Cove physiotherapist will offer you the essential guidance about the condition, establish a rehabilitation program for your joints and provide you some coping methods. They might use treatment alternatives such as acupuncture, thermotherapy, and manual treatment. More information physiotherapist in Lane cove

Breathing issues

There is a range of breathing illness that can be managed through physiotherapy. They consist of asthma, sleep apnea, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis and lung cancer. These conditions are related to breathlessness and coughing which, a proficient Lane Cove physiotherapist can assist to handle. They will use exercises focused on improving the chest muscles such as blowing balloons. They will also offer you info on appropriate posture which will make it much easier to breathe.

High blood pressure

Your physiotherapist will prepare a workout program appropriate for you depending on the how high the blood pressure is. With constant physiotherapy, you’ll need to take less of your high blood pressure medicine.


In dementia clients, the brain is affected by particular illness and the conditions primarily manifest in forgetfulness. A physiotherapist will suggest specific exercises concentrated on improving the person’s state of mind and thinking capacity which in turn will encourage their social interaction and minimize the need for medication. Balance and strength workouts are essential for people with dementia since they are at a greater risk of falls. A professional physiotherapist in Lane Cove will also teach the caretakers of the client on ways of supporting his/her self-reliance. Click here Burns Bay Physiotherapy


Cancer is a genuine headache in our society today and affecting a lot of individuals. Although there are many methods for dealing with cancer, physiotherapy is one of the strategies for managing the condition. A research study has shown that physiotherapy can lower the threat of the reoccurrence of cancer in a survivor. A good physiotherapist Lane Cove professional can help alleviate common issues associated with cancer such as lymphedema, osteoporosis, and tiredness.

Nowadays, physiotherapy is a multi-disciplinary field. It has shown to be a valuable and cost-efficient approach to managing a wide range of persistent and severe illness. If you or your enjoyed one is suffering from any of the illness talked about above,


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