Why Working with a Dietitian is the Healthiest Choice

A dietitian’s job is to give nutrition information, but it is more like working as part clinician or doctor, part investigator and part therapist. A dietitian with a state license and a degree in nutrition helps people with health issues overcome their different troubles. But seeing or consulting with a dietitian provides benefits that are beyond simple nutrition education. Getting to work with a dietitian with a degree in nutrition can mean more than being healthy, it can also mean a better future for you. See licenciatura en enfermeria.

Team of doctors and nursesHere are some of the many reasons why it is always better to make a healthy choice and trust a dietitian:

1. You will be working with certified food experts. Dietitians are required to hold a degree in nutrition from an accredited university and to pass the national examination administered by the government. They are also required to continue their professional education so that they can stay up to date on the latest nutrition and health trends.

2. They are professional and more science-based than anything in the Internet.

3. They are able to clarify food and eating myths by providing accurate and proven information. Visit ETAC


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